08 April 2014

Portfolios, Leave & Work

Dear Friends

Council Portfolios

At our recent Church Council meeting in March we have agreed on a Portfolio system that reflects our core responsibilities as a Christian community. Each portfolio-holder will be responsible for the strategic direction of activities relevant to their portfolio in relation to our mission and vision at St Andrew's. The purpose of such a system is hopefully to create space for greater participation in our mission and ministry by all who call St Andrew's home. Please feel free to chat to the various portfolio-holders, to share your ideas and hopes, and to offer your assistance in getting new ideas off the ground!

The portfolios are as follows: Worship (Mark Long); Care & Fellowship (Edgar Ruiters & Lauriq Bakomito); Education & Discipleship (William Tough); Service (David Sykes & Debbie Coombe); Witness (Richard Buttress); Resources (Simon Gilbert, Roger Prideaux & Noël Peagam); Communication (Jill Joslin); and Administration (Mark Long & Ivor Jardine).


Dawn and I will be away for the week after Easter. We are looking for accommodation, preferably not too far from Cape Town, from 21 April through to 26 April. If you know of any reasonably priced opportunities within those dates, we'd love to hear from you! Bev Shaw will be taking leave from 29 April to 17 May, and Dawn and Penny Middlekoop will step into the breech and keep the Office running.


Dawn is looking for work from the beginning of May. Preferably, she would like to find something part-time or something that will offer her some flexibility time-wise. Her background is in Financial Management in the Motor Industry (Dealerships), and she has also done consulting in this field including training and implementation around computer-based systems. She has a Diploma in Business Administration, and is particularly skilled in relational organisation in the workplace. Dawn is presently doing an Executive Coaching course through UCT's Get Smart program. Alongside this, and her need for flexibility, Dawn is also participating in the practical phase of a Spiritual Director's qualification through the Jesuit Institute in Johannesburg. Our network in Cape Town is still very limited, and we would value any insight or connection to opportunities or people you may have access to.