Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Family-focused Service: Sunday 8 February 2015, 18:30

Dear Friends

Dawn and I have had a lovely break over the last two weeks filled with family and much physical activity: we've done a Sea-Kayaking Beginner's Course, signed up for an introductory course to practical Philosophy, climbed Table Mountain, walked up Lion's Head, visited the Wine Route, discovered the Truth Coffee Shop and Jason's; and I've done a substantial amount of cycling in preparation for The Cape Town Cycle Tour. So if I'm looking a little tired...

This Sunday, 8 March 2015 at 18:30, sees our first "Family-focused Service" of the year (not the 15th as advised in the last Pewleaflet). Just a reminder that the purpose of this service is to offer an opportunity for families with teenagers and young adults at home to come together in worship on a monthly basis. The format is not substancially different from our normal evening service, but we are attempting to be a little more inclusive of our young people, and  of course offer pizza afterwards! Excitingly, the St Cyprian's Boarders have made a commitment to attend our Sunday Evening Services for the first term this year, and they will be with us for their second visit this Sunday.

Our experience last year was that the second Sunday of the month was not always ideal, clashing a couple of times with holidays and exams. The idea this year is to offer it at least twice a term, on a second Sunday where possible, but to be flexible around exams in particular.

Again, feedback is important. We are aware we cannot be all things to all people, but would like to adjust where we can to meet more specific needs. Please feel free to chat to myself, William Tough, Raymond Quinlan or Alison Gwynne-Evans if there are things you'd like to see changed or done differently; and if we have the resources available we will be happy to try and meet your request.