Monday, 30 June 2014

Feedback: Family-focused Evening Service

Hi, Everyone

We had a wonderful turn-out at our first Family-focused Evening Service on Sunday 8 June 2014. I received a number of very positive comments from people at the door, and some warm smiles from some of the younger people present.

We did some reflection at our Church Council meeting last week, with various thoughts being expressed. One comment was that it was not that different from Sunday Mornings and it may be difficult to sustain our teenagers interest in the medium to long-term. Another comment reflected that our initial stated aim was to provide an opportunity for families with teenagers and young adults to have an opportunity on occasion to worship together, rather than a full-on Youth-focused event.

The initial thought had been to develop this event aware that there is an established group of people who enjoy the present less-formal format of our evening services, and that the informality may be a more conducive environment for drawing younger members of our community into worship. I am also aware that what we put in place needs to be sustainable in terms of our resources and worship skills, and congruent with who we are. 

Feed-back from the wider St Andrew's community will be appreciated. If you are a family that attended, or perhaps have had a conversation with someone who was there, please let me have your thoughts and input towards our next service. Perhaps you were not able to be present, but have some insight? Please share!Due to School holidays in July our next Family-focused Evening Service will take place on Sunday 10 August 2014 at 18:30 - see you there!


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